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According to Iranian patent Act and practices in force foreign applicants are allowed to apply for convention patent applications only. It means that their applications should be necessarily based on Home / foreign application.

Convention type:

After filing a patent application in any member country of Paris Convention and at most within one year from filing date, an application may be filed in the name of applicant in Iran on the basis of the said priority. The validity term starts from Iranian filing date.

Necessary documents for filing patents:

  • Full name and address of the applicant. Its nationality, company registration number,
  • legal domicile;
  • Full name and address of inventors.
  • Title of invention in English;
  • International classification of the patent;
  • Certified copy of foreign application issued by the relevant office.
  • Certified copy of commercial license (Business License) dully notarized and legalized by the Iranian consulate.;
  • Power of attorney dully notarized and legalized by the Iranian consulate.
  • 4 sets of specification, claims, and drawings.
  • If priority document is not in the name of applicant, we also need an extra document like change of name document or assignment deed according to the case. This document should be dully notarized and legalized by the Iranian consulate as well.


Usually it takes about twelve months from filing for issuance of registration certificate.

Annuity Payment

According to Iranian Law, patents are granted for a maximum of 20 years. Annuities should be paid annually and since the first annuity is paid at the time of filing, annuity payment begins from the second year and ends to 20.

Payments can be made six months before due date annually.

Grace Period:

Legislator has allowed 6 month grace period for delayed payments but a 100% penalty fee will be applied. The patent will completely lapse, if the relevant taxes are not paid during the said respite.

Necessary Documents for Annuity Payment:

If we have been responsible for filing and previous annuities, nothing will be need other than your authorization otherwise:

Power of Attorney form duly notarized and legalized by the Iranian Consulate,
- Simple copy of last payment receipt (both Farsi and English translation is preferred),

- Simple copy of patent registration certificate .

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