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Is it possible for more than one applicant to apply for one single application?
Yes, it is.

Is claiming priority a must?
In accordance with new practices, it is a must for foreign applicants.

Does priority document needs any legalization?
No, certified copy of the said document issued by the relevant office suffices.

Is it possible to claim more than one priority?
Yes, it is.

How long does it take for a normal patent application to be granted in Iran?
About 24 months.

How many years a registered patent will remain valid and how the said period is calculated?
Any registered patent will remain valid for 20 years from application date.

When the applicant is allowed to apply for renewal of its registered patent? Is there any grace period? And is there any fine for late renewals?
Patent annuities should be paid before or on anniversaries. The starting date will be application date. There is also six months grace period. Renewal in grace period results 100% fine.

Is there any way to revive a patent which is not renewed in time or in grace period?
No, there is no way to revive such a patent.

Is it possible to apply for pharmaceuticals?
Yes, it is possible.

What are special general prohibitions for registration of patents in Iran?
In accordance with prevailing law and Islamic principles, no one is allowed to apply for registration of patents which are somehow considered in contrary to public order.

Is there any local classification system of patents in Iran?
No, there isn’t.

Is it possible to claim priority from regional unions for protection of patents in Iran?
Yes, it is.

Is recordal of changes mandatory?
Yes, it is mandatory. All changes should be registered.

Is there any time limitation for recordal of changes? And is there any fine for late applications?
No there is no time limitation. It is advised that such changes recorded as soon as possible because the law recognizes the registered owner(s) as the legitimate proprietor of the patent and the owner can do nothing for protection of its registered patent if it is not able to a clear legal relation between the registered patent and the current owner.

Is late filing of documents possible?
Yes, it is.

Does Patent Office in Iran render search services?
No, it doesn’t.

If a new application is refused by the Registrar, what will be the term for filing opposition against the refusal?
30 days for applicant resident in Iran and 60 days for whose domicile is out of Iran.

Does the above respite can be extended?
No, it can’t be extended.

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