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Nothing should be considered as usual. Each single case needs careful and special attention. We listen to you carefully and try to understand your concerns well.

We plan our strategy observantly not to damage your interests. You will receive our course of actions and advices in detail and you will be informed of your chance, existing risks and inclusive costs honestly.

No need to say that
It will be a great honor for us to represent you before Iranian Judicial authorities. You can always remain assured of our best attention and services but we will be never in a position to guarantee the results.

Considering the above our firm is ready to accept your litigations in all IP related matters whether civil or criminal.

Our services in this regard will be very persuasive and rely on prolonged experiences concerning the litigation in the said field, which will be rendered for reasonable price.

From the moment of receiving your instruction until completing the job, we inform you of the file situation continuously.

We have also sufficient experience to represent you before WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center for Domain Name disputes.

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