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Which days are weekend for Industrial Property Office in Iran?
Thursdays & Fridays aren't working days for Industrial Property Office.

If any deadline is Holiday, does it extend to next working day automatically?
Yes, it does.

Are the applicants obliged to use bilingual form as is available on this site?

Our bilingual form has some advantages as mentioned below:

It is prepared in English & Persian and doesn’t need true translation into Persian;
needed authorizations are foreseen in our form.

But it isn’t mandatory to use this form. The applicant is allowed to amend it.

Does applicant need to provide more than one Power of Attorney when it is going to apply for more than one application?
No, it isn’t needed. One single POA is sufficient for any number of applications in the name of the same applicant.

Is legalization by other countries surrounding Persian Gulf like Oman, UAE is acceptable?
No it isn’t. Please be advised that legalization should be necessarily done by the Iranian consulate.

Are there any regulations for registration of TRADE NAMES in Iran?
No. Commercial Act provides that these names should be protected and Trademark Act also provides that such names are protected without being registered but there is no clear situation in this regard. We recommend our clients to apply for registration of their trade names as trademark in Iran.

Are Arabic documents acceptable in Iran?
No. Many people know Iran as an Arabic country but it isn’t true. Our language is Persian and we don’t know Arabic language. If a document is prepared in Arabic language it should be necessarily translated into Persian to be accepted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need anymore information.


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