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Domain names


Registration and reservation of two types of Country Code Top level Domains (ccTLDs) are possible in Iran i.e. (.ir) & (.co.ir).

The registration of Domain names in Iran is processed through Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. As a whole and with regard to the situations prevailing in the Market of Iran, and concerning that no provisions have been laid down in the Iranian legislation in this regard, and to avoid probable misuse by others, the registration of Domain names is emphatically recommended.

For the time being there are two types of ccTLDs which, are registrable in Iran for the foreign nationals whether natural or legal entity.

The conditions for the registration of second level domain name (.ir) and the second level domain name under .ir (co.ir) are set down as here below:

Conditions for the registration of domain names under second level :
…….@your domain.co.ir)

One-letter domain names, two-letter country codes and other geographic names when causing confusion or misrepresentation, generic Internet terms, names longer than 63 characters, and certain other names are forbidden for other previously reserved domain names.2. The requested domain name should refer in a reasonable way to the name of the organization/company/individual for which the registration is sought.

Conditions for the registration of second level domain names:
…….@your domain.ir)

Registration of second-level domains under .ir is possible provided certain conditions in addition to the above are met. These include:

  • The requested domain should be under the registration of, or otherwise uniquely connected with the applicant.
  • The domain should not belong to a list of reserved or forbidden names that include geographic locations in Iran, generic Internet terms, and other names likely to create confusion or the impression of exclusive rights to a common commodity or service.
  • Three-letter names and names consisting entirely of digits are not allowed unless they are officially registered or widely recognized as the name of the applicant.


1- Authorization letter in our name duly signed by the applicant on the official letterhead of the applicant.
2- At least two name servers to handle the domain.
3- A Technical Contact able to handle technical matters of specified name-servers.

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